Saturday, July 24, 2010

full tilt icecream

the show at full tilt icecream was a lot of fun! we played with a band called rare birds and rosemary, it was fun being among fellow freaky birds! we met some very nice people, the icecream was super duper and the pinball was so fun! i don't remember the last time i actually played. there were a lot of really old arcade games there! we have pictures we'll get up soon.. but not today! seattle and olympia have been a lot of fun, but now we're headed south to portland after a possible walk through the evergreen woods!
we're playing a house show tonight in portland at "the fridge." 5 bands! its going to be a ruckus! we'll also be playing [bobby's birthday shhh!!] july 27th at the ella st. social club and july 29th at the twilight cafe. you can always contact us through facebook or myspace if you have any questions about our shows! thanks much and be back soon!
xoxoxo steffi

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