Tuesday, July 13, 2010

7-12-10 - 3 days after departure!

we left anchorage in a flurry at 10.30 am on july 9th. we drove and drove some more and kept driving and driving at a nice speed until the hell spawn of frost heaves between the american and canadian border. we contemplated moving there... there'd be no laws! only ours! and no everything else, but, well, you know, you have to deal with it. anyways, we crossed the frost heave hell that stayed with us until just outside of whitehorse, where we arrived at 2.30 in the morning on saturday. we stayed with our friend sam who had two of the most adorable puppies! animal + sims were cute as buttons! eeeeeeeee! whitehorse brought about the reintroduction of many great canadian delicacies such as:
dill pickle chips
tim horton's
bacon chips
no name brand everything
new wave cola

we went to the mud bogs and meandered around a beach and town on saturday + prepared for a long haul to smithers on sunday. a late jump put us on the cassiar highway right around nightfall. there are no yellow lines or markings on the road for a large amount of the highway. eventually it got much too dark to function and we had to rest. before it got too dark we played the wildlife vs. cars game. we saw:
3 bears
2 foxes
1 moose
1 bunny
for a total of 7 wildlife and we saw 13 cars... absurd!!!
woke up at 6.30 and rolled onwards and forwards to smithers. every gas station is closed in canada. every single one. coffee was scarce, but we made it to smithers around 1.30 and popped into a hotel, showered, and headed to the alpenhorn where we played an interesting and fun show for the first one of tour. somewhere in there we got a writeup on mojophenia which you can read here. i just realized i haven't slept since 6.30 am and am getting very very sleepy. stef is writing a new song on her keyboard. i'm excited to hear it!

goodbye anchorage!

hello canada!

oh my canada, what large frost heaves you have!

sunset in the yukon

animal swims!

sims looks cute!

mud bogs in whitehorse

sign forest in watson lake

find the pretty birds in the sign forest!

cassiar bear number two!

sew cute! cassiar fox number one!

smithers has vandals! if you know the whereabouts of the meow tagger, let us know!

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