Thursday, July 22, 2010

vancouver, olympia, seattle, snoqualmie, oh my!

alas! we left smithers in a flurry and made it down to vancouver. it was so strange being in a city again with the traffic and the people and whatnot. we ate a very awkward lunch at a diner in downtown vancouver. we were the only people in the restaurant. the proprietor of this establishment brought us two unasked for cups of a strange soup that was very thick and vegetabley. i have no idea what it was but we had to appease him. then out came steffi's grilled cheese + bacon. only it was a cheeseburger. he said he'd give us the burger for the price of the grilled cheese as if he was doing us a favor. strange indeed. canada has gotten very expensive so we couldn't stay too long. we saw magic kids and ariel pink's haunted graffiti play a show at the biltmore. it was quite the fun show despite numerous sound problems. ariel pinlk is so cute when he's mad! magic kids were a wonderful poppy band from memphis... check 'em out!

we had zero hassles at the border. i was amazed. it was delightful! we rolled into olympia on thursday night and caught our friend stella's performance in othello set in 1968 gangland new york! delicious! intense! wonderful! ate very hearty servings of food at quality burrito afterwards and promptly passed out. we took in the sights of olympia on friday + it's quite the nice town! record stores, bookshops, and boutiques abound! on saturday we played a super fun show at the red house with the terrordactyls [party train folk from seattle], wild mocassins [six peice dance party from houston], and razz m'tazz [three piece keyboard/drum machine bonanza!]. it was an early dance party and got the night started right! we had the best grilled cheese at le voyeur after the show. on sunday we hung out with our transplanted friend from alaska, libby and made the most absurd plate of nachos ever. double layered + filled to the brim with cheese, chips, beans, cilantro, onions, corn, and a whole bunch more i can't remember.

on monday we headed up to seattle late in the day for our show at the comet tavern. we played with consignment + mark sparkles. both bands were super fun! the mark sparkles had oodles of energy + consignment's sound made me want to bob up and down. we spent the night and were off to snoqualmie in the morning.

twin peaks! or snoqualmie to most, was our destination. we saw all the sights form the double r diner to the saw mill to the great northern + the picnic spot all the way to where the twin peaks sign was + the woods of the black lodge. most of the places were very very different from the show, but, well, things change i suppose. it was still really cool to see where everything had been + made the endless driving looking for the spots worth it! come night fall we headed to fall city [home of the bookhouse + roadhouse] and camped nest to the snoqualmie river. on wednesday we swam in the river for hours! back and forth getting swept by the current, steffi even jumped off the diving board log! egad! what fun we had!

today is thursday and we're back in olympia for the night. we're off to a show in seattle at full tilt ice cream tomorrow and then down to portland for a few shows. we're ready to get on down the coast! see you on the road!
-xo bobby

the red house in olympia

wild moccasins

cutie pie kitty at libby's

consignment at the comet

snoqualmie river jumping log

in search of the black lodge

the double r diner

get the cherry pie... it'll kill ya!

snoqualmie falls + the great northern

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