Sunday, July 24, 2011

check out our new blog

hey everyone! we started a new blog! you can check it out here:

we'll be updating and running everything from there now, so update yer bookmarks!! our merch page will still be here, but it will be linked from our tumblr! see you soon!

Friday, April 1, 2011

east coast spring tour! starts april 19th!!

hey everyone!

it's time for us to hit the road again before we make the long journey back to alaska to finish up school! hooray! we're coming up and down the east coast and can't wait to see everyone out there on the road! we're still figuring out some shows and the dates with ***s by them are where we need yer help! we'll come play yer living room/kitchen/basement/bar/coffee shop/whatever!! get at us at or at 312.952.8780. we'd love to come meet you!

see you all soon!
-xo bobby

4/19 - gepetto's workshop - urbana
4/20 - courthouse co-op - memphis
4/21 - memphis

4/23 - wonderroot - atlanta
***4/24 - atlanta/auburn/montgomery/athens
***4/25 - pensacola
4/26 - navarre
***4/27 - tallahassee/orlando
4/28 - the lab - gainesville
***4/29 - orlando
4/30 - underbelly - jacksonville
5/1 - savannah
5/2 - greensboro
5/3 - charlottesville
5/4 - arlington
***5/5 - baltimore
5/6 - the baum shelter - wilmington, de
5/7 - motel hell - philly
5/8 - williamstown
***5/9 - north jersey

***5/14 - nyc
***5/15 - new haven
***5/16 - providence
5/17 - apk - worcester
***5/18 - boston
5/19 - brattleboro
5/20 - burlington
***5/21 - montreal
***5/22 - syracuse/oswego/plattsburgh
5/23 - buffalo
***5/24 - cleveland
***5/25 - detroit
***5/26 - chicago

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

tour de cat!!

we forgot to mention the many cats we met on the east and west coast! they were all so cute and furry and funny and sweet and cat-tastic! and here! they! are!!!

our lovely cat, kiki

kiki outdoors

kiki digs cassettes!

sasha, the cat without instincts! - fairbanks, ak

animatronic cat?! - olympia, wa

bonzai! - olympia, wa

viva likes bikes! - portland, or

biko garage cats - isla vista, ca

sassy - international falls, mn

steffi cat and the cat pumpkin! - chicago, il

red at the whitehaus!! - jamaica plain, ma

providence, ri cat!

kitty kitty at the party expo!! - brooklyn, ny

philly cat art!

more philly cat art!

daisy the 1619 cat! - williamstown, nj

buttercup!!! - baltimore, md

greenville cat i'm sorry we never got your name!

we look forward to meeting more cats and their owner friends in the not so distant future! let's be best friends!! hooray for caturday!!!

an east coast winter

hey pretty fans!

sorry we haven't updated this in forever! right now, we're hanging out in chicago, working on new music and all kinds of fun things! our east coast tour went swimmingly! we played a whole slew of awesome shows up and down the coast and at many points in between! i can't even count the number of amazing new friends we met and we can't wait to see everyone again! we're in the planning stages of an east coast tour this spring... hooray! we'll let you all know more details in the next week or two... in the meantime, here's some pictures from our last trip [in reverse chronological order, of course!]!

harry potter land!


hogsmead/diagon alley!

rats at the panthers game

ft. lauderdale, fl

underbelly - jacksonville, fl

full stop at the underbelly


southern breakfast at smith's diner in greensboro, nc... all this for $3.95!

mixed signals [our long lost twin band!] - green bean - greensboro, nc

funland superquest at magnolia - charlottesville, va

flying machine at the smithsonian

ed schrader at the copy cat annex - baltimore, md

1619 house! - williamstown, nj

the historic lucy just south of atlantic city, nj

philly street art

billy mack collector at the artichoke field - bethlehem, pa

the artichoke field

beasts of traal at the mothership - stroudsburg, pa

nate marks at the mothership - stroudsburg, pa

battle ave. at party expo - brooklyn

whitehaus - jamaica plain, ma

lion cub at the sock hop - lowell, ma

jack kerouac's grave - lowell, ma

the bug jar - rochester, ny

the bug jar - rochester, ny

niagara falls, ny

niagara falls, ny

niagara falls, ny

Thursday, December 9, 2010

pretty birds that kill merch party funtime!!!

our newest cd, 'crushin' on you', is out now! it has ten super fun songs about boomboxes, bikes, girls, cats, and everything in between! we recorded it in april of 2011 at norma's in chicago. 'crushin' on you' is $8 ppd!

we have new t-shirts! steffi made up the telephone design and we've screenprinted t-shirts, sweaters, + zip up hoodies! they come in a variety of colors + sizes... there's something for everyone! these shirts are $13 each postage paid! we still have some of the two love birds shirts, sweaters, etc, so be sure to specify whcih design, what size you would like + yer 3 preferences fer yer t-shirt color! you can write us first if you'd like to see what we have in stock too! get at us at

we have an ep out called 'freedom for freaks'! it's six rawking electric songs recorded by james + jeremy of the wagner logic! each cd comes with an eight page booklet including lyrics! freedom for freaks is $8 ppd!

you can also buy our first, acoustic cd, 'sunshine, lollipops, + hand grenades' for $7 ppd! all sorts of fun goodies are included with these hand sewn cases! yeehaw! it's 13 silly songs about silly grrrrls + it sounds like someone falls in love everytime they step outside of their house... woooooooo!!!

keyboard sticker/small patch design

boombox sticker

large pretty birds that kill + owl patches

we have patches big + small! and stickers too! the stickers and small patches are $2 ppd and the large patches are $3. be sure to specify any color preferences and what design you would like! patches come on a variety of cool fabrics.

small patch [specify color choices if so desired]

sticker [specify any color choices if so desired]


big patch [comes on a variety of fabric, specify any preferences, if desired]


and don't forget the zines! issue five of nothing but crazy is out now and available for $3 ppd! it comes with a rawking mix cd and all kinds of cool art and writings inside.

we also have the pretty birds that kill power pack!! each power pack includes one t-shirt, your choice of two cds, a sticker, 2 small patches or 1 big patch, and a zine too! all this can be yours for $30 ppd! be sure to specify tshirt size and any patch or sticker design preferences too!