Wednesday, August 4, 2010

jeeez guys write more blogs

so so sorry we havent updated since seattle. we had an awesome time staying with payme jinkstaff (jamie pinkstaff?) and his girlfriend lizzy in portland, or! thanks soooo much! We played three shows, first being at the fridge ( a house venue). We played with lots of great bands. there were five of us! and every band had completely different sounds! ryan remains rocked out on guitar with cello backing him up, folk punk fun. he's from juneau! actually it seemed kinda like a party full of ak-ers. callow played next, soooooo goooood! they were from san fran! raised by television was an acoustic cluster of awesomeness, and they were from portland. next a band called the lost tourists all the way from baltimore! they were heavy, metallic with a touch of funky tones. we ran into mikaila from anchorage! our buddy jerry from anchorage! and jamie was there, felt a touch of home!
on tuesday, bobbbbby's birthday!!!! we played at ella st. social club, in dtown portland. it was a cool little place. we found out later it used to be a morgue! they kept the unliving right where the stage now is, oooooh spooky! the roaming and the happening played with us, thanks guys!!!
the twilight cafe was one of those places you drive around looking for, and once you find it.. you don't have any idea how you got there. after driving for 30 minutes we found the cool little diner like bar located between a bunch of strip clubs. party party. david coffman and treva jackson played with us and they were awesome. Jamie backed us up on fiddle and it was soooooooo great we wish he could come with us on the tour to play every show! david let us stay at his home and we got a bed with 300 pillows... too comfy for our own good... steffi fell asleep hours before everybody.
we moved on to euguene and played at a house with billy mack collector! we loooooved them soo much! we had oh so much fun hanging out with them! luna and schulyer were so nice to let us play at there house, then sleep there after! we had a music full slumber party in the living room! the next morning we ate a greasy breakfast at a little diner called GJ's. we moved on to coos bay from there and spent a day on the beach with the billy mack crew! ate some hot dogs around the fire and had a great time. moved on to brookings, or the following day. it is located in southern oregon on the coast. pretty much the last town on the 101 before california. We played an acoustic set in the back yard of 1010 easy street. a GREAT address, right? Thanks to superkris, rob and the whole fam for setting it up, feeding us and giving us a place to stay. you guys were too great to us! steffi bobby eric and a very excited person named tim made a trek to the ocean! we had a fire and a long walk back to easy street! we had a lot of fun hanging out and playing a few shows with billy mack collector! we are excited to see some more of them this winter!

we spent a couple days driving through and getting lost in the redwood forests. we took two scenic drives off the 101 hwy: the newton b. drury scenic parkway and the avenue of the giants. the redwoods are SOoOoOO amazing! the pictures really don't do them justice! the redwoods are so big they go through 3 different climate zones! and survive wild fires! we saw so many with burns and hollowed out trunks, but they were still growing strong! there are a lot of silly roadside attractions like "the chimney tree" or the "tour thru tree" along the way. we love tacky roadside stops!!!!

we took the coastal hwy 1 off of the 101 and it was a pretty intense drive. twists and turns all up and down steep hills with no cell phone reception anywhere! the view was increadible and worth it! we ended up in petaluma, ca.. which is where we are now updating this blog in their community library. we will be moving on to the bay area to play a show at mama buzz 8/9 @ 7pm in oakland and mojo bicycle cafe 8/11 8pm in sanfran!
stay fantastic!
xo steffi and bobby

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