Saturday, June 26, 2010

fairbanks, ak!

hey ya'll!
this is our first post on our new blog! we're going to update this (hopefully) frequently on our tour! you'll be able to pretend like you are right along side us having as much fun as we are!
right now we are in fairbanks, ak and having a great time! we played a show last night at the well st. art gallery with some awesome bands! thanks so much to the goodtime orchestra, feeding frenzy and work for making the show great! and of course everybody that came to watch/listen, it wouldn't have been much fun without you guys!
we're now heading to our show at the college coffe house with night of the iguana and a dude named bernie.. excited for fun! have a wonderful day and stay tuned for our next post!
stay fantastic!
xo steffi and bobby

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